AIRVI RESPIRO – Add-on for SET Oxygen Devices

The latest development as an additional device for the treatment of COPD:
AIRVI RESPIRO – small, compact and inexpensive

The AIRVI RESPIRO allows oxygen-dependent COPD patients to take advantage of the AIRVI technology even during oxygen inhalation with their oxygen device. The AIRVI technology, especially the oxygen energy therapy, provides new impulses for the regeneration of the lung cells.

The popular AIRVI IQ and AIRVI SET inhalation devices are now complemented by the small and compact AIRVI RESPIRO. The additional device is simply connected to the existing oxygen therapy device, between the oxygen device and the nasal cannula. The AIRVI RESPIRO will have a lasting positive effect on the lives of many COPD patients. Often COPD patients cannot take advantage of the benefits of the AIRVI Oxygen Energy Technology (SET or IQ) because of their previous therapy path, for various reasons. The solution: the AIRVI Respiro add-on unit!

The concentrated oxygen from the oxygen unit is additionally activated with AIRVI technology and the released energy is transferred to the water molecules of the air humidity. This activated air/oxygen enters the body through the nasal cannula. This means that the many advantages of oxygen energy therapy (AIRVI technology) can be used for the whole body – without having to purchase a completely new device. In principle, we recommend the RESPIRO add-on device for COPD sufferers who require oxygen for at least 10 hours a day. For COPD patients in the early stages, we still recommend the AIRVI SET unit or AIRVI IQ.

Our AIRVI RESPIRO add-on is available in two versions

  • RESPIRO with two AIRVI activation units, Price: € 980,00 incl. 19 % VAT.
  • RESPIRO SONiQ additionally with integrated brain hemisphere synchronisation/alpha state via sound generator, Price: € 1.295,00 incl. 19 % VAT.

The RESPIRO is small, compact (width 12 cm x height 9.6 cm x depth 12 cm) and is simply connected to the outlet of the oxygen unit/oxygen concentrator with a hose. The nasal cannula is connected to the output of the RESPIRO. The oxygen/air mixture to be inhaled is also passed through the two AIRVI activation units and activated (see our studies on oxygen-energy therapy). There is no need for a pump and air humidification, as the air flow is already generated in the oxygen unit.

Advantages of the AIRVI RESPIRO

  • easy connection to existing oxygen devices/oxygen concentrators
  • significant increase in performance compared to other Spirovital therapy devices such as Airenergie
  • low-cost alternative to the AIRVI SET and AIRVI IQ device variants
  • small and compact device, also suitable for mobile use
  • advantages of the AIRVI oxygen energy therapy can be used in combination with oxygen equipment and oxygen concentrator

The unique effects of AIRVI oxygen energy therapy (SET) can now be combined with classic oxygen therapy.

  • stimulation of the relaxation and repair nervous system vagus/parasympathetic nervous system
  • increase in oxygen utilisation in the mitochondria (improvement of internal respiration)
  • improving the function of the lung cells/alveoli (external respiration)
  • increase in the body’s own production of antioxidative protective enzymes (SOD, GPD)
  • improving HRV heart rate variability as a global and recognised health parameter
  • improvement of lung function FEV1 / Peak Flow

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AIRVI RESPIRO – das Zusatzgerät für Sauerstoffgeräte
AIRVI RESPIRO – das Zusatzgerät für Sauerstoffgeräte

The AIRVI RESPIRO add-on device is exclusively sold by the manufacturer!

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AIRVI RESPIRO – das Zusatzgerät für Sauerstoffgeräte

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AIRVI RESPIRO – das Zusatzgerät für Sauerstoffgeräte

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