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As the Academy for Health, Sport and Prevention (AGSP), our primary goal is to provide comprehensive information to interested parties and customers: With our comprehensive service, we offer you new basic information on various health topics and disease patterns – well-founded, clear, understandable.

Especially in the field of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), we have gathered extensive information over the past 17 years and have been able to help many patients with new therapeutic approaches such as spirovital therapy/oxygen energy therapy (SET). Those affected with macular degeneration (AMD), burnout, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc. have also been able to benefit from our information and experience.

AGSP: independent, objective, innovative

We examine and evaluate various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures according to biological, physiological and natural laws – independent of existing hypotheses, dogmas and belief systems. By looking at symptoms and disease patterns from a different perspective, many people have already made unconventional and healthy decisions for themselves. Because in conventional medicine often only one side of the coin is known – we inform you about the second side and introduce you to innovative new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Every person should know about the processes in their body in order to become as independent as possible from the so-called experts. This is less complicated than you think!

Many theories from science/scholarly medicine were considered irrefutable in their respective times and elevated to dogma. Today they are outdated and completely revised. And so it goes on and on: scientific theories are regularly established and overturned again. Fortunately, the principles of nature do not have such a short half-life: we humans have our senses at our disposal to perceive ourselves and our environment. Thus, we can perceive and listen to our body as the most sensitive measuring instrument. If something in the body is not in balance, we feel it and should get to the bottom of the cause.

AGSP: the focus is on the individual

With our work, we would like to offer new ways of thinking about diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and accompany people on this path. In doing so, it is important to know the direct connections (cause/effect) of our own thinking in order to act accordingly. Even with holistic therapies, realistic goals are an essential prerequisite for their success*. As long as I have unrealistic goals, I can only experience failure, with all the consequences.

Legal notice: Our information is intended for individual further education and does not replace a visit to the doctor.

*Definition: success = achievement of objectives, failure = failure to achieve objectives

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