Therapy for Diabetes

Therapy Options for Diabetes Mellitus

The most important therapeutic task should be to create the conditions in the body to bring disturbed regulatory processes and organ system disorders back into balance. The success of the diabetes therapy can be checked with the VNS analysis to see if it is having the desired effect.

  • Rebalance your autonomic nervous system: stress and tension should alternate in their dominance, e.g. with exercise therapy, breathing exercises, yoga, QiGong, walking, Oxygen Energy Therapy
  • Sufficient exercise through walks or sporting activities: through movement and sport, the body, prepared for fight and flight, can effectively dissipate the energy provided
  • Avoid permanent stress in the private, family and/or professional environment: ensure sufficient relaxation to create a balance
  • Balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetablese
  • Better to have three big meals than five or seven small meals so that the pancreas does not have to work all the time and can recover better between meals
  • Lose weight/fat loss/exercise: it is of enormous importance to have at least a four-hour break between meals. Only after four hours the blood sugar level is back to normal and the body can effectively burn fat during training. If you eat in between meals, the insulin level in the blood rises and fat burning is not effective. Even small biscuits or sweets (contain sugar) also count as a small meal, as the sugar level also rises here and insulin has to be produced.
  • Supportive or restorative treatment for the pancreas

The daily application of Oxygen Energy Therapy ensures, among other things, that the autonomic nervous system (top control centre) regulates better. This can be measured via the heart rate variability (ECG measuring technique).

Subordinate processes can thus function much better, such as hormone production, energy production, waking and sleeping rhythms, repair processes, better reactions of the body to internal and external stimuli, etc.

SET colour therapy provides a direct balancing effect on the psyche and various organ systems.

If you drink mainly low-mineral and pure drinking water, the harmful substances and metabolic waste products in the body can be much better dissolved, bound and excreted.

Application: SET therapy can be combined and used alone or in combination with any orthodox or naturopathic therapy.  The therapy is carried out via nasal cannulae.

The application time in home use is 20 minutes 1-3 times a day.