Spirovital Therapy and Aromatherapy

SET plus Aromatherapy: The importance of aromas and our special and unique aroma mixtures

History of Aroma Therapy

Many ancient cultures, including the ancient Egyptians and the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, took advantage of the beneficial powers of fragrances and used scents or plant parts to maintain the health of their bodies, minds and souls – the beginnings of modern aromatherapy. The fragrant smoke produced by lighting selected plants and herbs still has a calming, relaxing, concentration-promoting or activating effect.

Naturally fit and healthy with aromatic oils

The fragrances of essential oils have a harmonizing, stimulating and soothing effect. They contribute to physical and mental well-being and gently relieve a wide variety of complaints.

Use the healing power of the essential oils for more balance, inner harmony and stable health – combined with spirovital therapy.

Hardly any of our senses are as neglected as our sense of smell. This sense is always active and affects us more than we normally believe. A nice smell triggers a series of reactions in the subconscious. These positive responses to pleasant fragrances can be used specifically as a natural remedy or in wellness applications. Let yourself be absorbed in these natural odours and enjoy the pleasant sensations and boost in vitality which can be achieved by the use of our special mixtures.

Tip:Keep your oils in the refrigerator so that their effect lasts longer!

The importance of fragrances in our daily lives can be seen in some common sayings:
“This movie stinks”
“The nose knows”
“Wake up and smell the coffee”, etc

Recommended Use

Ask your therapist about use and dosage. Be aware of possible allergic reactions to oils!

Place the oil bottle without screw cap in the corresponding glass flask, consisting of the glass top and the lower black cap, and close it. Connect the aroma bottle (bell) with the silicone tube to your SET device. Connect your nasal cannula to the other free connection of the aroma bottle.

If you want to additionally vaporize the compositions or the individual oils in a fragrance lamp to create a pleasant climate individually in each room, please take 3-5 drops each.

The effectiveness of high-quality oils is no longer in doubt. With our exclusive compositions we offer you the possibility to have the individually required mixture at your fingertips every day. We can also supply you with unchanged, 100% naturally pure oils of the highest quality at any time.

Disadvantages of Aroma Therapy

Essential oils not only have healing effects but can also have side effects when used improperly or if the person to be treated has allergies. These effects should be discussed with a specialist prior to application.

Caution is especially advised in pregnant women, children and weakened persons. For these people, essential oils should not be used to combat colds, for example. When applied undiluted to the skin, essential oils can cause irritation. Infants should not be treated with essential oils at all.

Note for allergy sufferers: The use of essential oils should only be considered if it can be ensured that the ingredients will not produce an allergic reaction.