Comparing oxygen therapies

Differences between Oxygen Energy Therapy (SET) and various oxygen therapies

Different oxygen therapies are used for different diseases and indications. This list is intended to give you an initial overview of the different methods. We make no claim to completeness!


What does Oxygen Energy Therapy (SET, Spirovital Therapy) NOT do:

  • supply the body with unphysiologically high concentrations of oxygen (instead of 21 % up to 99 %)
  • supply the body with increased oxygen radicals (as with ionised oxygen/ozone)
  • force reactions by adding substances

What does Oxygen Energy Therapy (SET, Spirovital Therapy) do:

  • It improves the regulatory capacity of the autonomic nervous system and thus the basic control and regulatory processes in the body.
  • It improves oxygen utilisation, i.e. the use of oxygen in the cells for increased energy production (mitochondria – energy power plants).
  • It improves the protective functions of the cells against free radicals by increasing the body’s own protective enzymes without the addition of foreign substances.

Compare SET with other therapies: