New development AIRVI IQ: the noticeably better Oxygen Energy Therapy / Spirovital Therapy!

The newly developed AIRVI IQ units are a further development of the previously successful SET3 and SET5. Faster and noticeable changes were the goal of this development. With the AIRVI IQ, two sound emitters placed on the skin provide for a balancing and relaxation of our mind. Serenity, calmness and clearer thoughts are the result of this additional application.

The effects of these relaxing, barely audible low-level ultrasound signals can be measured with EEG (electroencephalogram) methods. The brain waves (frequencies) show a change from the original tension and stress (delta state) to the alpha state, which is known for high attention, ability to concentrate, calmness, relaxation and composure.

The two scientifically recognised measuring methods HRV (heart rate variability) and EEG (electroencephalogram) can prove the immediate effect on the entire organism and especially the brain in just a few minutes.

All perceptible and visible reactions are the body’s own achievements – without coercion by chemical substances or increased oxygen concentrations. Since every organism is unique and different habits prevail in our thinking patterns, diet, drug consumption and other life circumstances, not all possible reactions can be predicted. We are an open biological system that constantly interacts and regulates with the outside world.

Information and explanations about possible initial reactions after the first AIRVI IQ and SET applications can be found here: Initial reactions & meaning

With AIRVI IQ, barely perceptible ultrasound signals are transmitted directly to the skin via two sound emitters. This information is transmitted to the brain via the Sacculus organ of equilibrium and ensures relaxation, calmness and serenity while at the same time enhancing the ability to concentrate.

The technology as the basis of oxygen energy therapy: energy transfer takes place to the water molecules of the humidity in the air, which is inhaled via breathing nasal cannulae. The energy transfer is achieved by stimulating stable and light-sensitive catalysts (modelled on nature: e.g. the plant pigment chlorophyll) using special light wavelengths. The relaxation energy of singlet oxygen that is constantly released during this fluorescence/chemoluminescence process is transported further by the water molecules in the humidity.

With the oxygen energy therapy, a leakage of active singlet oxygen (ROS) from the device is excluded, in contrast to other devices and manufacturers.

This is how the SET technology works in detail: